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We do not offer you a standard package. Each client is unique in his or her expectations and needs. Together we decide how we will tackle the project, when we will call, how the calls will be developed, what follow-up is necessary, etc. Thus, we really become part of your own services.
M&m Services
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It's essential for your company's health to permanently develop new contacts. This not only generates your current revenues, but especially guarantees the profitability on the long term.

Prospection, however, takes a lot of time, which sometimes doesn't leave you enough space for the real sales process and for finising your projects. M&m Services can cure this problem.

M&m Services is synonymous with small-scale, specialized projects, often with a high level of complexity. A good example is making appointments in some niche markets or for specialized products or services. Our clients are often directly in contact with the operator, giving both the opportunity to get used to each other and to perfectly understand each other's needs.

Some examples of tasks we can cover for you:

  • Trace your priority contacts within a specific target group;
  • Contact these people and convince them to make an appointment with you;
  • Gather information about the company, the struture, the products, etc.;
  • Follow-up your commercial contacts;
  • Contact people whe have received a mailing or e-mail;
  • ...

From a technical point of view, we deliberately choose for manual dialling. This means that the numbers are not dialed by a computer, but by the operator herself. From experience and comparivitive tests we learned that this leads to considerably better results: as the operator has to carry out more different tasks, she stays more alert. This prevents the operator from getting stuck in a routine and from loosing her enthousiasm on the phone.

The close collaboration in a small team gaurantees a good follow-up and permanent coaching.

There are no problems, only solutions!

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